For the DOW OFFICE project we developed new strategies of space - efficient and comfortable workplace design. In cooperation with the employees and in line with the global standards of the company, a concept that supports the different needs of each team and employee was implemented on the new two floors office in Istanbul Kozyatagi.

why do we need it?

to keep up with the changing dynamics of workspaces we need to understand the exact needs of the client before starting fitout (for privacy, for collaboration types, working hours etc.)

to be able to clarify the real space needs for the office fit out, which will help finding suitable property (especially for new / growing local brands)

to close the gap between global company policies and local work style preferences

to prevent plan revision requests while and after construction period

how did we do it?

implementing the model of design supporting modes of work & comfort of workspaces can only be achieved through space planning based on a detailed research:

  1. Local Dynamics (through internal workshops and exercises with the employees)
  2. Global Dynamics (company's requirements and standards)
  3. Space Planning Approach (circulation scheme, natural light use, area ratios etc.)