ortaca bus terminal

client: CA   /  year: 2017  /  size: 1.500m²   /  location: ortaca, turkey   /  phase: ongoing

the new bus terminal for the city of Ortaca in the Aegean region of Turkey will act as a local transfer point and regional hub. Located next to one of the main roads of the province, it will quickly become a busy addition to the countries popular bus transportation network. Paying close attention to this scenario, the terminal is designed as an spacious, airy building that combines all necessary functions under a large roof. A very clear architectural layout and the full transparency between inside and outside offers easy orientation and a smooth flow of travelers. The main functions including ticket sales points, kiosks, toilets, restaurants and waiting areas are located at the entrance floor, whereas the upper gallery provides space for offices and a cafeteria. A larger restaurant is situated in an additional part of the building, reachable through an outside courtyard that cuts into the glass volume.   



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