ortaköy yayla houses

client: inta inşaat ltd   /  year: 2017  /  size: 5.600m²   /  location: muğla - ortaköy, turkey   /  phase: ongoing

in contrast to many real estate developments and their generic approach on urban planning and architecture, this project aims to create an environment that is well integrated into the existing fabric of the village of ortaköy at the edge of the famous green plain called yayla. the design relies mainly on local typologies and explores rural architecture while clearly making a modern statement. The concept is developed on the base of five different housing types, walled gardens in the front and the back as well as streets that are designed as pedestrian paths passing by each home. Local textures like natural stone walls and white plastered facades help to further integrate the project into its context. The 31 houses and two public squares are designed to form themselves a vital part of the village community.


/ masterplan

the design aims to imitate the layout of a typical village with different types of houses that seem to be placed in an unorganized fashion around small squares or narrow streets. the appearance will resemble traditional housing shapes and sizes of the area but still offer all modern comfort and contemporary layouts.


/ streets & site access

in order to create a new part of the village that creates a lively community with livable spaces it is crucial to provide public or semi public open spaces and a well designed layout of streets. the streets are divided into those accessible by cars and those only for pedestrians. the pedestrian streets function as a public space where - without traffic - people can walk safely and kids can play in them.


/ squares

Another way of creating functioning communities are shared public spaces like squares. In the master plan two squares are centrally and easily accessible located inside the residential area. Since they are not open to car traffic, they will be meeting point for the local community and enhance the social connection between the residents. In case the parcel 811 can be added to the master plan in the future, all pedestrian routes can connect to them.