planning a countryside home means planning according to different parameters: designed as a retreat for it's users, it can be a minimalized version of a house or, in contrary, it can offer much more spaces and functions then the actual home. in any case, architecture in rural areas can be designed using different materials, shapes and textures, that help to blend the house in into its local environment or put a contemporary accent into the landscape. 

planning according the needs

size: 350m²  /  floors: double /  basement: yes  /
facade: stone  /  rooms: 8 + 1  /  bathrooms: 4 + 1wc

size: 140m²  /  floors: single /  basement: no  /
facade: plaster  /  rooms: 3 + 1  /  bathrooms: 2 + 1wc


one level horizontal stretched design that makes a minimalist impression as it sits partly suspended over the sloped side, yet working in the scale of the typical village houses due to its different roof levels and changes of material.


reinterpreting the traditional style of the turkish mediteranean houses, the design blends in with its natural context. the use of the local stone as well as the use of roof tiles give it more grounded expression. The house is organized around a central social area from where the more private areas can be accessed.