turgutreis community center

client: mbb   /  year: 2017  /  size: 5.600m²   /  location: turgutreis, turkey   /  phase: ongoing

situated in the very center of the city just next to an existing municipal green area that is also part of the project, the community center addresses different issues that are symptomatic for many holiday resort towns like turgutreis on the coasts of turkey: the lack of a characteristic city center and the lack of social and cultural spaces that bring together different user groups. our concept therefore offers various areas like a market hall for local foods, small shops for traditional handcrafts, an exhibition and event hall, different cafes and bistros, a public car park as well as a large, public green roof with view to the near islands.


/ architectural concept

the limits of the main building were set by the existing trees that are characteristic to the site and which cut public squares and inner courtyards into the building block. the partly curved, wooden facade is associated with the natural influence of the nearby park and contrasts to the general white concrete buildings in the vicinity.